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  • With Ivan you're not just receiving another guitar lesson, you're gaining an insight into the true meaning, history and essence of music itself. No stone is left unturned until it is perfected including picking and strumming techniques, ear training, rhythm and timing across any and every genre of music. From music theory, reading and writing, producing and recording, and performance at all levels, Ivan's experience, knowledge and attention to detailed is uniquely unrivaled. Attending lessons with Ivan is something that I look forward to week in and week out, as I have done so for many years. Thank you Ivan for everything you have done for me, teaching me and supporting me through this wonderful gift we call music - Chris H


  • Ivan is an uncommonly gifted individual. Great guitar skills, fabulous teaching and listening ability but above all has an edge that I just love. - Peter M


  • Ivan's knowledge of all forms of the guitar and his ability to pass that on to his students through structured learning is second to none. He can teach any style and to read music, and always keeps the instrument fun to learn. By far the best teacher around. - Dean W


  • "Ivan's experience and attention to detail enables him to quickly detect mistakes and to demonstrate how to improve my playing. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of music from a wide range of genres and can adapt any score to meet my level of playing competence. His enthusiasm generates a love of music and a wish to continue to learn." - Marlene H


  • "My guitar playing has begun to materially improve due to having lessons with Ivan and the structure to my playing and practice his tutoring has provided. His lessons are enjoyable and practical tailored to my specific needs and aspirations. I highly recommend lessons with Ivan" - Andy T


  • "I highly recommend guitar tuition by this professional . Ivan, is patient and provides clear, step by step instructions . Highly skilled, and able to convey his technical knowledge and passionate about his music, is reliable and always keeps appointments, Is friendly and creates a relaxed environment" - Sam Z


  • "We love going to our lessons, Ivan's a fantastic technical teacher who has introduced us to a diverse range of music. He is always encouraging and gives us the confidence to push ourselves" - Jaymes & Nikolas N


  • "I really enjoy Ivan's method of teaching through your favorite music. Ivan's guitar skills and enthusiasm encourages me to continue playing the guitar"  James G


  • "Ivan is a guitar instructor who prides himself on his interesting yet informative teaching style. He has a great knowledge of guitar theory, from scales and chords through to song structure and experience from being a producer which works well in conjunction with his ability to practically apply such knowledge through use of songs, scales, techniques, etc. Very capable to teach a wide variety of styles from classical to hard rock .Could not recommend a better teacher for all ages and experience." - Callan M


  • "I love my guitar lessons with Ivan because they're fun and I've learnt so much . I like learning new songs to play . Ivan is awesome." - Isabella C


  • MacLeod Guitar School Rocks! Ivan Bertolla runs professional and affordable guitar lessons, individually customized to the needs of all skill levels from beginner to advanced. No matter what genre of music you are into, Ivan can play it, and is happy to teach it if you are willing to learn. Ivan makes learning to play the guitar challenging, and lots of fun! - Jacinta C





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