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Welcome - "Over the top! One thing is perfectly clear. Ivan can play the guitar" Australian Musician 2002

Guitar Lessons Melbourne - Ivan Bertolla


Established since 1985



Ivan is a professional musician who works from his home studio in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.


Find out why students from all over Melbourne come to see  him.




Student Reviews

 Peter M. - "Ivan is an uncommonly gifted individual. Great guitar skills, fabulous teaching and listening ability but above all has an edge that I just love."


Dean W. - " Ivan's knowledge of all forms of the guitar and his ability to pass that  on to his students through structured learning is second to none. He can teach any style and to read music, and always keeps the instrument fun to learn. By far the best teacher around.


Marlene H. - Ivan's experience and attention to detail enables him to quickly detect mistakes and to demonstrate how to improve my playing. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of music from a wide range of genres and can adapt any score to meet my level of playing competence. His enthusiasm generates a love of music and a wish to continue to learn.










Why Macleod Guitar School?


Most students learn to hold the guitar in the wrong way. This posture  error contributes to lack of development.


All Levels.


All Ages.


All Styles.


Ideal for Mature age Students.


VCE - AMEB Assistance


Skype guitar lessons also available.





























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